water – meditation – robyn

        “Floating another person was profound. I’ve been doing yoga for over ten years yet this is the first time I’ve truly felt connected to breath.” Robyn

water – meditation – maria-angela

  “It was like going back to a place I know exists but forgot was there. I felt calm, nurtured, supported and free. I was amazed how at the end everyone was relaxed, smiling and more open to each other. Thank you Rebecca for guiding us to this subtle state of coherence and balance through … Read More

spirit – angela

  “I am an artist/educator working in a large Australian university. Rebecca has been my intuition coach for the past 18 months. In her I’ve found a powerful guide who meets you where you are and is able to gently steward you to a place of inner strength, creativity, fearlessness and deep intuitive knowing. Rebecca has … Read More

spirit – bree

  “I have always received the most heart-centered and keen guidance from Rebecca. She is always present, discerning and playful as she seeks the threads that will most serve me. I love the way she weaves her insights and articulates her understanding of the underlying themes. Rebecca knows how to dive deep. She loves to … Read More

pregnancy – Claire & Baby

      “It was a wonderful and unique experience. Rebecca’s presence was reassuring, giving me a sense of being safe and cared for. I was in a floating world where I no longer knew which way up was, and in this way I felt closer to my baby.” Claire & baby