water – sam

    “A number of serious shoulder injuries over the last ten years have resulted in a shoulder so damaged and affected by arthritis I now require a shoulder replacement. The almost ‘other worldly’ experience of an aquatic therapy session has enabled me to move my shoulder and reduce my pain levels. In addition, I … Read More

water – gayle

        “Initially I was nervous at the prospect of floating for so long in a pool. My anxiety just fell away as Rebecca gently and lovingly supported me through the whole process, and I gradually lost my awareness of time and space and experienced a deep meditative state.” Gayle

water – gurudaya

        “The session allowed me, in a safe and supported way, to face many of my core fears in life. I went beyond my lack of trust and need for control. It facilitated an experience in which I softened and completely let go.” Gurudaya

water – ping

  “What a blessing that my yoga teacher introduced me to Rebecca. My mother almost cancelled her overseas visit to Melbourne due to the intense pain in her lower back and legs. As an active 82 year old who regularly swam and played tennis, the pain had been debilitating. Just one session with Rebecca and … Read More

water – justin

    “My first aquatic therapy session with Rebecca was the most relaxed and calm that I have ever found myself. From the very start I could feel my breathing slowing, each breath becoming deeper and smoother. Feeling so relaxed and comfortable in the warm water made me concentrate on nothing but breathing. The result … Read More