spirit – angela

  “I am an artist/educator working in a large Australian university. Rebecca has been my intuition coach for the past 18 months. In her I’ve found a powerful guide who meets you where you are and is able to gently steward you to a place of inner strength, creativity, fearlessness and deep intuitive knowing. Rebecca has … Read More

spirit – bree

  “I have always received the most heart-centered and keen guidance from Rebecca. She is always present, discerning and playful as she seeks the threads that will most serve me. I love the way she weaves her insights and articulates her understanding of the underlying themes. Rebecca knows how to dive deep. She loves to … Read More

spirit – nelson

      “I highly recommend experiencing Rebecca’s gifts. I’ve worked with her for 5 years and the growth I’ve experienced is significant. She’s helped me ground into my own truth and to live more authentically.” Nelson, Business Owner