pregnancy – Christy & Baby

    “Aquatic therapy was an incredible experience throughout my pregnancy. I had the most beautiful water birth in hospital with my bubs. Aquatic therapy helped me so much and Rebecca made me feel relaxed in the water, confident and supported. I would highly recommend it to all pregnant ladies.” Christy & baby

pregnancy – Anna & Baby

    “Thank you Rebecca for your kindness and nurture. Aquatic Therapy was exactly what I needed, such safe, holding experience not only for my body but for myself personally and my spirit. A wonderful preparation for birth with a gentle release of emotions.” Anna & baby

pregnancy – Claire & Baby

      “It was a wonderful and unique experience. Rebecca’s presence was reassuring, giving me a sense of being safe and cared for. I was in a floating world where I no longer knew which way up was, and in this way I felt closer to my baby.” Claire & baby