“In my mentoring sessions and group classes I hold a space of compassionate truth. I see you and I see your gifts. Our time together will encourage you to see them. To own them and share them freely.”

Ultimately, this mentoring program is about empowering you to recognise and trust your intuition. To express your unique, creative and inspired self. In all aspects of your life and relationships. This one-on-one mentoring program is one of Rebecca’s most cherished offerings. The goal is to lessen the searching for external teachers and healers, and be empowered to find the truth within you. Rebecca is a trained intuitive and Master Certified Spirit Coach®. She’s gifted at seeing the next step in your spiritual growth, and she does so with a high level of ethics and integrity. Through a combination of intuitive readings, practical non-dogmatic tools and healing energy you’ll be supported to clear away layers of false self, radiating more of your true essence.

There can be many myths about intuition and spirit. A belief that it is dependent on serendipity, elaborate ceremony or signs. That it’s the fortune of a gifted few. Or perhaps only accessible after extended time in retreat from everyday life. Yet intuition and creativity are an integral dimension of every human being, and always open and available to us. This mentoring program debunks these misconceptions as you recognise how to cultivate and attune to your intuition muscle again.

The program is highly practical. Rebecca’s mentoring clients are dynamic and brave change-makers and leaders. They’re deeply committed individuals. Many are influential in traditional professional environments. They’re playing a part in shepherding in a new paradigm where creation happens at the level of energy, and qualities like compassion, collaboration, humility and surrender are embodied and valued. The expansion and transformation they experience through this program is profound. It offers a much appreciated and often elusive piece of the puzzle.

The Intuition and Creativity Mentoring program includes a written manual and homeplay assignments for you to explore between sessions. The teachings are experiential. You’ll learn to recognise your energetic nature and connection to subtle energies. As you practice the tools you’ll build evidence of their value.

Mentoring with Rebecca requires a minimum three-month commitment of two sessions per month. This enables you to practice the tools and realise their vast benefits. If your curiosity is sparked, reach out for a free discovery call to find out whether this feels right for you right now.

"Everything begins at the level of Spirit. As subtle energy, with limitless potential. That’s why it’s essential to intentionally interact with Spirit. To understand how it dances with matter, and how this relationship relates to our minds, hearts, bodies, creativity and purpose."

"The goal is to find truth within you."